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Prior to 1997, AAA insurance was known as The American Automobile Association. This group has over 100 years of experience and strives to make every customer feel valuable. Most people think of AAA when it is time to plan a trip, and while it's true that AAA is there to help members find the best route, motel, and attractions, they also provide members with valuable insurance products. AAA Insurance offers their members term life, whole life, health, and homeowner's insurance policies that are designed to meet the individual policyholder's specific needs. With branch locations throughout the United States, the local AAA office is just around the corner.


The multitude of services provided by AAA allows customers the opportunity for one stop shopping. Instead of using several different companies to plan a trip, purchase life insurance, and plan for long term financial success, AAA combines all these great services into one. AAA Insurance is a valuable source for learning all you can about the types of insurance and what you will need to be covered. AAA doesn't just sell you a policy and leave the rest up to you to figure out. AAA provides information about what deductibles would be appropriate for your situation, and even what types of discounts you could receive on your auto insurance. This is just one of the reasons AAA Insurance is one of the top insurers in the United States.

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AAA is also a valuable source when it comes to planning a trip. With many resources at their disposal, AAA can provide members with detailed guides. AAA members often receive discounts on dining, hotel accommodations, auto rentals, airline tickets, and even cruises. With the help of the AAA website, customers can use many self-service options to find information quickly.

AAA Insurance History

The company, known today as AAA, was formed under the name American Automobile Association on March 4, 1902. Starting with only 1,000 members, AAA began joining local automobile clubs together under one name. This allowed members of one auto club to receive the same services if they were in another town and needed to get information. With the need for paved roads becoming apparent at this time, this non-profit company began to lead the way in informing drivers.

One of the first products introduced by AAA was the road map first published in 1905. In the years following, AAA expanded and began providing members with guides for hotels and travel accommodations in 1917. By the time 1920 rolled around, AAA had begun the School Safety Patrol Program and several other services to ensure drivers practiced safety. Eventually, AAA even became part of the auto racing scene, though they eventually broke ties with the Le Mans organization in 1955. It was at this time that AAA began growing into the organization that we know today. AAA protects and educates their millions of clients across the United States and provides them with valuable discounts and insurance products.