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With a number of different long term and care benefits for its large customer base, Aetna is one of the leaders in the world of health care and dental pharmacy. The company's goal has long been to offer customers the best in health and financial benefits to all of its customers. To protect the finances of their customers from various health related risks, the company provides cost effective yet quality health care products. Aetna believes that all people should have access to such insurance and that everyone deserves this type of insurance. Our employees are a diverse team of workers who are there to aid people in finding health and financial security. Aetna participates in all 50 states, providing the best benefits in health care and a variety of information that allow consumers to learn more about health related problems.


We have always been committed to providing the best in customer service and to create new and innovative products and services to better the health care benefits. The history of Aetna dates back 150 years, which has helped them become a leader in the field. This also allows the company to work with a large number of doctors, hospitals, patients, and even public officials, which helps take care of the public health system.

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Health Care

Employer funded programs usually offer health and dental plans under a health care facility, which places a risk basis on the process. In this situation, the company takes over the majority of responsibility on a risk basis, meaning they take control of the health and insurance. With employed funded plans, the sponsor or administrator of the program assumes the majority of risk.

Group Insurance

The amount that is paid is fixed by the amount earned by the individuals, and is known as a premium. With group insurance, this amount is used to pay for a renewable contract to ensure coverage. Group disability insurance is a specialty type of insurance that allows employees to replace their income for either short term or long-term benefits. Long term and custodial care benefits cover nursing homes, adult care homes, and in home nurses and is provided by a variety of different insurance companies.

Large Case Pensions

Large case pensions are a way for individuals to manage their retirement services and to receive benefits and contribute to plans to help them in their retirement years. These contracts are considered non-guaranteed, but they also offer guaranteed options for investors as well as separate account products. HMO, PPO, pharmacy, and vision insurance are all health care products that are insured and fully funded by the individuals. These plans all provide customers with reimbursement programs. Aetna officially reached 15.4 million policyholders on March 31, 2006. They also cover the dental needs of an estimated 13.3 million people. In addition, the company covers group life insurance, accidental death insurance, personal loss, and covers short term or long term disability.

Aetna Products and Programs

Aetna offers a variety of products and programs that are geared towards making the quality of health care, disease management, patient safety programs, and different types of information relating to disabilities better. All of our customers have access to health care tools that are easy to use. These tools can help you make a more informed choice about your health care and financial stability. Aetna was the first health insurance provider to give their customers a dedicated health care plan. They continue to surge forward to help their customers with HAS, HRA, and RRA options when needed. We provide these benefits to all of our customers in the 50 states. We offer products for large corporations and smaller companies, and believe that everyone can benefit from our services.

More about Aetna

Aetna is a large company with a diverse background that provides the best products in terms of traditional and consumer related health care products. The company utilizes a variety of medical organizations including medical, pharmacy, group life, health, and long-term medical health. Thirty years after forming, the company issued its first medical life insurance policy in 1850. In 1996 the company became part of US Healthcare. The company was one of only a few companies to earn a 100% score on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index in 2002, a score they achieved for the next two years as well.