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With operations in 49 states and Canada, Allstate is one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States. They offer auto insurance to over 17 million individuals and homes in the United States. Allstate is the leading provider of life insurance policies in the US, and one out of every eight homes and one out of every nine automobiles are insured by one of the policies from the company. Allstate is also proud of its large workforce, with over 70,000 people working for the company. In addition, the company does not discriminate against potential employees and currently has a diverse workforce with 58.9% women and 29.4% minorities. This helped the company be named one of the best places for working mothers, as well as one of the best companies for women of color.


Allstate currently has over $156 billion in assets, and is one of the largest companies on the Fortune 100 list. With the symbol ALL, the company is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and has been since 1993. With over $250 million in community investments and $27 billion in municipal bonds, the company is one of the leaders in the field. They offer 13 different types of insurance that covers automobiles, property, life, and commercial. They also provide retirement products, investment products, and banking options.

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Allstate Mission

The mission of the company is to be the best. That means working with our customers to ensure that they have the best products and that their needs are met.

Allstate History

Allstate was formed in 1931, and the company celebrated 75 years in the insurance world in April of 2006. Though it has experienced a number of changes over the years, the company is still going strong. The name Allstate was chosen in 1951, and has helped the company to get their foot in the door and to last in the ever-changing insurance world. Their Full Circle of Protection is considered the best in the field, with life, health, and commercial insurance options as well as automobile insurance and personal liability insurance.

Allstate uses a different approach to the training of its workers, by using principles of scientology. They encourage workers to be rigorous, but also devoted to productivity and meeting the needs of customers. When Allstate changed to a publicly traded company in 1993, it was the largest offering at the time in the US. Since the very beginning the company has utilized a large workforce of agents working across the country. The company changed their slogans and logos during 1990 to appeal to a wider customer base. The slogan "You're in Good Hands with Allstate" was the top choice, but in 2004 the company changed to the new slogan of "Are you in good hands?"

Allstate formed a National Neighborhood Office Agents Club to honor the large amounts of agents that work for the company. The agents who were part of this club were encouraged to discuss their successes and problems, which led to some criticisms of the way the company, managed their operations. Allstate later faced some problems when they were accused of forcing their customers to use company appointed lawyers.

Using the slogan "The Good Hands Network" has helped Allstate to continue growing and expanding around the country. They have also entered the financial services world with the new Allstate Life and Savings.