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Amerigroup has no competitors when it comes to actively promoting its customers to live healthy from birth to death, especially when you consider the tools the company uses. Their "Power Zone" program is targeted towards your children, and shows kids that there are fun ways to exercise and eat healthy every day. Pregnant women who need proper education on how to raise and feed their newborn babies can take advantage of a program known as Taking Care of Baby and Me. Amerigroup offers programs like these to different communities in their area, to better educate current and future insurance customers.


Amerigroup policyholders have access to a variety of information that they could not find through other companies. This includes programs designed to help individuals manage their chronic diseases, along with the psychological and physical problems they may experience as a result of their diabetes or asthma. By partnering with local groups, Amerigroup has been able to share these educational programs with a wider variety of people. Policyholders can gain free membership to the Boys and Girls Club of America, as well as get to see nurses, doctors, and other professionals at the health fairs they offer in different regions.

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Amerigroup is committed to every single one of their customers, and this is shown through the variety of free services they offer. Private surveys have shown insiders place their trust in this company, including those single parents that need more affordable insurance for their children. By balancing between the attentions they pay to their customers and trying to find answers to the health problems plaguing our country, Amerigroup has remained committed to their core values.

Amerigroup has managed to build their brand name by using ethical policies and community values as they strive forward. The company believes in acting locally, while thinking at a national level, which hold them in partnership and cooperative agreements with others. They still maintain their old values, and use those values to make decisions regarding the company.

Amerigroup as a company focuses on strong beliefs such as partnering with others, using practices that can be replicated, and increasing technology. By working on creating new health technologies and building new tools for education, the company has been able to remain competitive and to respond to the needs of their customer base. They believe in uniformity in their sales, marketing, and claims, meaning that all customers can be assured of quality practices. To keep a proper balance between policyholders and doctors, the group continues to add new professionals to their network.

Amerigroup also remains committed to a process directed towards groups. They also focus on diversity, both in terms of their policyholders as well as the employees they hire. They believe that by using everything they can learn from this diverse population, they can find solutions to meet the changes coming in the future. This allows the company to commit to their long-term goals.