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The Garden State saw the creating of Blue Cross of California in 1937. The company set a new standard for comprehensive medical care in the state and changed the way providers operated. California has more residents than any other state in the US, which has made it difficult for some insurance providers to remain successful, but not Blue Cross. The company achieved success because they focused on providing coverage to small businesses, large companies, and individuals. They cater to the needs of each individual; to ensure that each customer has their needs met simply by using a unique approach. Blue Cross of California is completely unique because they provide care that will help a person from the moment they are born until the last breath they take.


Medical problems can easily be diagnosed and treated by using the medical professionals they work with including doctors, clinics, and hospitals. The company has also limited paperwork and eliminated hidden fees, which means that employees, retirees, and even students can easily access their plans.

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Blue Cross uses a number of different tools, tailor-made for each customer that makes them even more committed to excellence. Their website is second to none in the field. Users can input their ID number, group number, and access their personal information to gain access to the services the company provides without ever leaving their house. Insured people can easily call the toll-free number the company provides to ask questions and learn more about their insurance or billing options at all hours of the day since the number is available 24 hours a day. Blue Cross of California knows how important it is to have easy access to their updated information and to access their records whenever they need to.

To ensure the well being of their customers, Blue Cross of California uses a variety of health related services. They also offer discounted programs for insured residents of the state to seek out alternative medicines and clinics that are not covered under traditional insurance plans. Blue Cross coverage offers lower costs on visits to acupuncturists as well as reduced cost herbal treatments and other alternative medical treatments. Those customers that spend time in another state, or an area outside of California can also call a customer service representative to access information relating to out of network medical services when they need help. In the case of an unforeseen medical situation, or when a problem arises, members of Blue Cross of California can easily access emergency services to help them with their problems.

Blue Cross of California uses a series of insurance specialists who are devoted to the team and a commitment on finding solutions for their customers, which enables them to provide such extensive and necessary services. Over 7,000 workers are employed full-time to cover any problems or questions that their policyholders might have over their insurance. Insurance is a complicated thing, and all customers can have their problems fixed by using one of the customer service specialists. As part of their all inclusive training programs for those working as a customer service representatives, employees take part in state run programs like Access for Infants and Mothers, Major Risk Medical Insurance Program, and Medi-Cal. These state programs cover over 844,000 members and 279,000 children. Those people can explain and describe just how helpful it can be to use the representatives of Blue Cross of California.

Blue Cross of California is trusted throughout the state of California by companies looking to insure their employees. New and startup companies can also join Blue Cross by looking into the Individual and Small Group Division. Over 1.6 members take part in this division, to get insurance for new members. An additional 4.1 members take part in the company through their Large Group Division. Companies in this division range from smaller companies of 51 employees to companies with over 2,000 workers. To better cover this variety of group sizes, Blue Cross of California uses a division process to differentiate between key, major, and special accounts. Special accounts take into account educations and government groups as well as other services that need to maintain their resources on a regular basis using different services. The Small and Large Group divisions employee over 5.7 million workers and use Wellpoint, which is the parent company of Blue Cross of California. This gives the group access to services outside of the state.

Any issue relating to health care that may arise throughout the life of the insured is covered by specialty services through Blue Cross of California. Blue Cross of California allows consumers to use the same insurance provider, but have access to multiple services. Not only do they have access to basic health insurance, but also dental, vision, and disability insurance. Since Wellpoint came on board, the company has brought their health partners up to 465 hospitals and over 48,000 physicians.

The company also uses management tools from BC Life and Health Insurance Co. to prevent severe illnesses by using different products. Members can receive services from therapeutic facilities, pharmacies, and even dentist's offices and see those charges automatically added to their account. Wellpoint manages a number of different PPO's and HMO's to better organize the claims, process of claims, and applications.

Frequently they review paperwork and information provided by doctors and hospitals on patients, to check for accuracy. Blue Cross of California is devoted to checking for quality and assuring their customers that they will never be overcharged for even a basic service. Blue Cross employees are encouraged to suggest ways to improve technology, website forms, and the transfer of electronic information to the company's Quality Assurance Division. Claims representatives can help the company improve and change the process by working with doctors, nurses and others practitioners working with Blue Cross on the forms, tools, and other processes. The Quality Assurance Division also takes into account information and suggestions submitted by policyholders. When a person has problems with their claim, they can call a number, write a letter, or fill out a form online to explain their problems.

Blue Cross of California is one of the best health care organizations in the health care industry. The company believes that health care should be tailored to each individual, rather than giving everyone the same type of service. Customers can easily find a program to fit their needs by picking one of the flexible plans offered by Blue Cross of California, and they have access to a regional company that knows everything about health insurance in the state.