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Though you may not know about Esurance, this is one of the largest and most rapidly growing auto insurance companies operating in the United States.


Founded in 1999, Esurance serves as a subsidiary of the White Mountains Insurance Group Ltd. The company believes in bringing auto insurance directly to the consumers. They want to change the way people manage their auto insurance, as well as the way they shop for and buy insurance policies. The real aim of the company is to make it easier to shop for auto insurance without any of the hassles shoppers used to face. They have done this by using some of the best people in the industry. The best customer service is the real key to their success as is their ability to provide stable auto insurance. They also provide lower prices on auto insurance and easy claims filing. Esurance currently operates in 22 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

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3.5 out of 5
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Internet technology went through a major boom in 1999, directly before Esurance launched. The whole point of the company was to make it easier for consumers to shop for auto insurance. Auto insurance shoppers consistently rate the Esurance website as easy to use and rate the site well. The company has eliminated the intermediary by using an online system. This has helped the company to offer lower rates and lower their operating costs.

More about Esurance

Those looking to buy or manage auto insurance should visit the Esurance website. As they provide services directly to the consumer, they have removed the hassles associated with the shopping process. To make it easier to make a claim and to cut down on the number of files a person needs to keep, they have introduced new techniques and processes. Those consumers who want to save time and money may find it helpful to use Esurance.

Esurance Management

The following describes the major figures at Esurance.

President and CEO - Gary Tolman

Managing Director of Insurance Operations - Chris Henn

Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer - Johnathon Adkisson

Managing Director and Chief Information Officer - Phil Swift

Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer - John Swigart

Esurance Profile

Esurance currently employ 1,000 workers and as of 2004 had an annual revenue of $201.3 million. Consumers can visit their website directly at

Necessity of Esurance and its Consumer Benefits

Esurance believes in the importance of good customer service, and keeping their customers satisfied. There are some people who call this way of doing business old fashioned, but Esurance believes it is the only way and is also more personal.

Convenience Maximized

Since it was first launched, Esurance has been one of the highest and best rated auto insurance websites in the country. Anyone who wants to shop for auto insurance, buy a new policy or manage an existing policy will find that the website is easy to use and the best choice for their needs. Shoppers can receive a quote, compare rates from leading companies, and buy a policy with only a few clicks of the mouse. Instead of waiting weeks for a new insurance card to arrive in their mailbox, shoppers who buy a policy from Esurance can instantly print their cards off at home. Consumers can verify their driving record, examine past claims, file a new claim, and access different types of information all from their home and in real time. Consumers will find the site easy to use and can change their policy any time they need to, regardless of the time or day. They will also find that they can print off a new copy of their insurance card if they ever lose theirs. By doing everything online, it reduces the amount of paper wasted every year. Users can keep all the information on the website, rather than keep piles of papers in their file cabinet or personal records.

Perennial Customer Service & Claims Handling

Esurance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. They do this to increase customer satisfaction, by always having someone on hand to help.

Customer needs are now fulfilled faster than ever since they can file a claim online on the website. The company can process the claim much faster than previously thought possible, and the customers seem very happy with the process. The company is also working to make their business more environmentally friendly. To reach this end they have begun using hybrid claims vehicles whenever possible.

Premium Savings to Suit Your Needs

Esurance is devoted to lowering their operating costs because this helps increase their overall profits. When the company makes a profit, they can pass along those profits to its customers. This is usually done through reduced rates from major companies or discounts on different policies. Esurance does whatever possible to keep their costs down so they can help their customers save even more money on their auto insurance needs. The company has changed their process of underwriting to make insurance more affordable for their customers as well as more competitive. Esurance has recently created a different way of shopping and buying auto insurance to use a segmented pricing structure.

Informed Consumers

Consumers who are unaware of how auto insurance works and continue to remain uneducated on the underlying principles are far more likely to spend too much money on a policy, or buy a policy that does not fit their needs. Esurance realizes this and places importance on the education of consumers. Before making a purchase, Esurance encourages consumers to take advantage of their online Learning Center. Consumers will find that this application is highly effective, yet easy to learn and understand. Consumers can read information and articles on safe driving, how insurance works, and what they can do to lower their insurance premiums. Esurance also provides trained counselors who can help customers find even more information. The counselors can answer questions and help consumers make informed decisions on their auto insurance.

Methodologies of Technology

Esurance is taking a progressive step forward to the future by utilizing a series of new technologies and policies that will help customers more than ever. In recent years the company launched a new tracking system known as Policy Administration that allows users to accurately follow all of their activities and any history relating to their insurance policies. Service oriented architecture is their main goal, and to reach that goal they have laid down new pipeline pattern designs. This goal is also helped by the new correspondence system the company has put in place, to allow customers easy access. Not only can they track and manage all emails sent to the company, but they can also gauge customer satisfaction and how happy customers are with their responses. The company will also see a transition to Microsoft.NET technology rom their current ABS/VB/COM+ platform. MS SQL server supports this technology.

The next few years will see a number of changes in plans and polices implemented by Esurance. One of these changes is known as Smart Flow and is currently in the early stages. This will eventually be use in the Internal Sales departments, and is already being used by their sales force, namely agents and brokers. Laying an emphasis on SOA, the Smart Flow pattern will be implemented with a Front Controller designer pattern. The web applications of this product are numerous and will allow the system to adapt each time a user enters the system and uploads or inputs new information. Essentially all users will have their own personal experience.

The customer is the main focus of Esurance and the company believes in the importance of keeping their customers satisfied. They do whatever possible to make their customers as happy as possible. Esurance is equally devoted to keeping the information of their customers secure and private. By using data encryption techniques and security socket layers the company is working to provide adequate security. To provide scalability and safety, the customer database is mirrored and well distributed.

Insurance and the Offerings of Esurance

The White Mountains Insurance Group is one of the leading companies in the world for financial services in the public field, and Esurance is one of their subsidiary companies. There is a pride in ownership associated with the company as well as an importance in financial discipline. Esurance is devoted to being committed to their customer base and a strict discipline. Esurance, the Esurance Insurance Company, and Esurance Property and Casualty Insurance Company have all been given an A rating from A.M. Best. Esurance has a strong financial past and has a strong parent company, both of which indicate that this company will exist for years to come.