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Foremost is an insurance business that was established on June 12, 1952. They have represented many independent agents through direct sales representatives. In 1961 Foremast introduced Travel Sure, which is an insurance policy specifically designed for travel trailers. The company has taken up many campaigns, with the initial campaign being the Fire Hurts program in 1974. Later Foremost worked with both the Department of Housing and Urban Development.


In 1989 Foremost earned an AARP endorsement, so mobile home insurance was provided to AARP members. The company has had many customer recommendations of their services for AARP members. In 1993 there were various types of insurance programs offered to property owners and specialty homeowners. Foremost's Butterfly and Blooming was organized by the company, which was a temporary butterfly exhibit in America. Farmers Insurance Group acquired Foremost in March of 2000. Also in March of 2000 Foremost offered insurance for motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and a snowmobile insurance program. In 2003 the company offered the first Family Boaters insurance program. In 2004, through another AARP endorsement, motorcycle insurance was provided to all AARP members. Currently, Foremost has in excess of 2,000 employees across the United States, including people from offices, regional agencies, and marketing claims.

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History of the Foremost Insurance Company

Foremost began in the insurance business in 1952 during a time when the mobile home industry was just beginning. Just after World War II mobile homes were growing in popularity, being an inexpensive solution to the housing problem in the United States. Foremost started out with three employees in a one-room office. In only one year the company staff increased to 11 employees and was doing business in more than 35 states in America. Later on, in 1969, Foremost expanded their insurance programs for RVs and kept adding insurance programs to their insurance product line. In 1978 the first automobile insurance policy was sold and in 1982 the company offered insurance for site built homes. One year later in 1983 Foremost created specialty insurance programs for both property owners and homeowners. In 1996 the company had direct marketing of home insurance programs and in 1999 they offered a unique service program for luxury motor coach owners. In 2000 Foremost began to offer insurance programs for off road vehicles, motorcycles, and snowmobiles. In 2004 the company was endorsed by the AARP to offer motorcycle insurance to its members.

Foremost Insurance Companies

Foremost insurance company is an important part of the Farmers Insurance Groups, which conducts business in the United States. The following are the companies that can be associated with Foremost:

Foremost Insurance Company Grand Rapids Michigan

Foremost County Mutual Insurance Company (Texas)

Foremost Lloyds of Texas.

Foremost Property and Casualty Insurance Company

Foremost Signature Insurance Company

Foremost is a respected insurance company in the industry and sells various types of insurance products for specialty vehicles such as motorcycles, RV's, mobile homes, snowmobiles, and other off road vehicles. They have been endorsed by the AARP and offer its members many insurance products at discounted rates.