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Using a combine workforce of 4,000 employees and 2,000 independent agents, we believe that Hanover Insurance knows how to get things done. We believe in looking at the local communities to understand what our customers need and how to meet those needs, and this is something that we have done for years now. Our company, Hanover Insurance, is devoted to performance and making a commitment to our main focus, which is to do things as quickly and as well as possible. You know that when you use our company, you are making a real commitment to protecting your family as well as your business. We believe that customers look for three things when they are shopping for an insurance provider: response time, stability, and local knowledge. We offer a diverse range of personal lines and commercial lines to meet the needs of our customers and the constantly changing insurance industry. We offer products in a number of areas and fields: business owner's policy, commercial package, workers' compensation, inland marine, bon, specialty, automobile, commercial auto, home, renter, condominium and dwelling fire, umbrella, and boat.


You can find a number of different ways that you can change your coverage to better fit your current needs, or you can look into the variety of different policies that we offer to best cover your needs. Our independent insurance agents will help you find the best policy to fit your needs, be it personal or business needs. All of our agents are devoted to researching and finding more information on a variety of insurance carriers. We currently have over 2,000 licensed agents and independent professionals that work with our customer base on the community level. Our agents and professionals can help you decide on the needs you have and offer fantastic customer service. This customer service includes helping you find the right policy, make a claim, settle a claim, and generally help you with any need you have relating to your insurance. The agents that we employ are some of the best in the industry. No matter what though, our customers are devoted to keeping our customers happy.

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When the company first launched in 1852, they were devoted to property and insurance. This would stay the same for nearly 200 years. They could later change their name to the Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. and would continue to use this name for a number of years to work with their partners on a local level. The company is one of the best insurance providers in the country, and is proud to provide high quality insurance protection to all customers. They were the first to provide insurance in the state of Michigan and have continued to provide the state with high quality insurance products and services for a number of years. The company is currently based in Worcester where it offers a large range of services and has become one of the leading companies to provide insurance. Of the 900 insurers working in the United States, the company is ranked as one of the top 35.

Hanover History

Hanover formed in 1852, with an emphasis on fire protection for homeowners. At the time, this was one of the largest problems facing homeowners. The company quickly began to grow by establishing itself as one of the top providers of insurance services during the 1850's. By the start of the 20th century, the company was able to branch out into the world of automobile insurance and marine insurance and to offer policies in those areas. The stock market crash of 1929 affected a number of different companies and businesses, but Hanover did not experience the same problems. World War I affected the company in a number of different ways and forced them to make changes. The company became an affiliate of State Mutual in 1969, which allowed them to find new ways to develop products, underwrite policies, and process their existing data. The company began outperforming some of their larger competitors in 1979, which helped them become one of the most trusted companies around. They also began offering new services and products as well as changing their data processing systems.

In 1995 the company was renamed the All America Financial Corporation when it became a publicly traded company. The company worked side by side with the All America Affiliates during the 1990's to increase their services and products as well as improving their resources. The company began focusing on the strengths of their company at this time in addition to their underwriting policies. The hurricane also helped the company to face up to the many challenges they experienced over the years.

Hanover in the Workplace

Since the company first began, they have used independent agents to meet the needs of their large customer base. Our team of 2,000 independent agents gives us wide access to a number of different products. Our history and focus on success show that we will continue to experience success in the future. We place an emphasis on performance, quality, and integrity. We encourage our employees to collaborate with their co-workers on all aspects of the company and to take online courses to learn more. Our employees are part of our family and will continue to help us meet the needs and goals of our customer base.