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Kaiser Permanente is a company that has its head office positioned in Oakland, California. First established in the early 1940s, Kaiser Permanente is now one of the biggest non-profit health plan organizations in North America, and the latter company presents a number of pioneering health care solutions for more than 8 million customers in a total of 9 states as well as in the District of Columbia. A company with a concise goal, Kaiser Permanente seeks to augment and reinforce the health of all of the company's customers by offering reasonably priced, unrivaled health care services. Kaiser Permanente presents an integral and structured health care plan that includes, but is not limited to patient preventative treatment, pre and post natal treatment, appropriate immunizations, emergency treatment, diagnostic services, hospitalization, and pharmaceutical services.


The insurance company Kaiser Permanente bases its services on the individualized demands of the customer. While keeping an eye on shareholder interests, Kaiser Permanente places the consumer first by providing health care programs that support general health and well being first and foremost. Kaiser Permanente has established a solid health care program that encourages the cooperation between medical professionals and patients, and the program further encourages professional responsibility – causing medical groups to deliver unsurpassed medical services.

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Kaiser Foundation Health Plans, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, and Permanente Medical Groups are the fundamental organizations that comprise the eight divisions of Kaiser Permanente. All of the latter organizations work hand-in-hand to deliver the very best health care program imaginable. Below, each division is explained:

Kaiser Foundation Health Plans

The Kaiser Foundation Health Plans work toward arranging health coverage for entities that provide hospitalization and medical service coverage; specifically to non-profit businesses. Frequently turned to by such non-profit organizations for insurance needs, Kaiser Permanente therefore promotes community involvement and works with businesses that offer services that are for the common good of the community.

Kaiser Foundation Hospitals

Within the state of California, Hawaii, and Oregon, consumers will find that Kaiser Permanente has established three hospitals. Meanwhile, in many other states, Kaiser Permanente has founded outpatient facilities that take pride in delivering medical services. Consumers will note that if Kaiser Permanente does not offer such services within a specified state with an arranged health plan, hospital coverage and services are made available to the customer at other facilities.

Permanente Medical Groups

Permanente Medical Groups are groups that are comprised of professional and highly qualified profit earning physicians. Customers will note that there are several Kaiser Permanente Medical Groups in various territories; the doctors working within the group manage the medical services and care that Kaiser Permanente members receive within the region.

Kaiser Permanente is a company that prides itself on community involvement as well as the extraordinary health care program it offers. In addition to providing for the medical services and health care of its members, Kaiser Permanente performs many community activities. These include providing assistance to those people who may be uninsured and in need of medical attention. It is also involved in training new health professionals and in bringing new methods of delivery health care to the profession. It is always trying to develop and share new and better ways of caring for the patients.