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Mega Health and Life, or MEGA for short believes that affordable is something that everyone should have. To reach that end, they believe in giving all individuals, families, small business owners, and self-employed individuals access to affordable health insurance. Mega Health and Life offers their customers individualized health insurance plans that are customizable on a number of different levels with several different options. They offer health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, critical illness insurance, disability income insurance, universal life insurance, prescription drug coverage, term life insurance, and a hospital indemnity plan. The company is focused on finding a balance between benefits and costs. Customers now know that they can find an insurance plan that will meet their needs as well as the needs of their family, or to meet the needs of their small business. Mega Health and Life gives all of their customers the protection they need for surprises and unplanned situations. They also offer a number of products and tools that can help customers find a proper balance between costs and benefits in their health insurance plan.


Mega Health and Life gives its customers the chance to customize their health insurance plans by choosing from the large number of options available, which gives customers the chance to pick what they need. We know that flexibility is important as is giving the consumer a large number of options. As we develop these new plans, we can pass along information to our customers.

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The parent company of Mega Health and Life is Healthmarkets and the two sides share the same vision and mission goals. By offering a new way to look at health insurance known as Consumer Guided Health Insurance, the company is able to give all of the customers a little of the power and to let them make decision regarding the marketplace. Customers can now check the prices on all plans prior to making a purchase, and to develop more advanced products when needed. By better understanding the options they have in health care, we think that we can make our consumers be smarter customers and that is our main priority.

Mega Health and Life provides its customers with plans that they can price on their own, and quality plans that force providers to compete against each other. This allows customers to set their own prices and get back some of the power.

Hospital Bill Review, Maximum Savings Benefit, Future Portability, and Family Continuation Benefit are some of the many flexible plan designs that the company offers its consumers. The company wants their customers to take advantage of those plans along with the many tools and precuts they also offer. In addition the company has a wide variety of health insurance plans that customers can customize to fit their needs with the different available options.

The company offers health insurance plans created for self-employed workers, small business owners, individuals, and families that are flexible, but still valuable. They offer a wide variety of products that they take pride in including health insurance, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance and prescription drug coverage.

Current customers of Mega Health and Life and those with questions can call the company directly at their toll free number. This number is 1-800-527-5504.

Our health insurance plans are designed to make things easier for our customers as well as giving them some of the power. Customers can design a plan based on availability, and flexibility. Customers with questions can easily call the company with questions, which in turn helps the customer become smarter.

MEGA Health and Life offers the following insurance types:

MEGA Health Insurance

Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Disability Income Insurance

Universal Life Insurance

MEGA Term Life Insurance

Hospital Indemnity Plan