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Due to the increased prices in medical prescriptions many Americans are choosing to purchase their medication through the mail. A majority of these individuals turn to Medco for this service. In 2004 Medco provided customers with 88 million prescriptions via mail order service. Medco's 99.9997% efficiency rates have made them the top provider for mail order prescriptions in the United States for the past five years as demonstrated by an independent survey conducted by Wilson Health Information group.


While Medco is primarily know for their mail order prescriptions the company has recently began expansion into other areas. For instance, with the growing popularity of the Internet, Medco has moved to providing customers with even faster service by offering discounts on prescription drugs through Noted by Consumer Respect Group as one of the top protected sites on the internet, Medco continues to wow customers with great service and the security of knowing their information will not be stolen or used improperly.

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Another area where Medco has grown is in the local retail sector. Instead of customers having to wait for their prescriptions to be filled and mailed to them they can now use the Medco Medicare discount card. This card allows Medicare participants to have quick access to the medicines they need. The 60,000 pharmacies working with Medco allow the company to pass on savings to each customer and help keep overall prices low.

Medco isn't the type of pharmaceutical distributor to give customers their medicine and leave them without any counseling. Medco employs pharmacists 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help customers understand side effects, drug interactions, and risks associated with a particular medicine. This gives customers the added security of another person looking out for their safety. Additionally, Medco offers customers friendly associates to help file any prescriptions or resolve payment issues. These representatives can be contacted anytime, day or night.

One more way Medico is revolutionizing the prescription drug industry is by providing all customers with an automated phone review about the safety of their medication. Customers who participate in a Health Assessment Questionnaire have their current prescriptions reviewed by a professional physician or doctor. Currently Medco has 2200 physicians who function in this capacity. If they find a problem or a possible adverse reaction they will contact the customer's personal physician in an attempt to avoid a potentially fatal reaction and thereby enforce individual health safety.