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Response Insurance is a reputable insurance company that provides auto insurance and also offers free quotes. The company specializes in selling auto insurance at lower rates than many of their competitors.


In terms of auto insurance you have many choices. However, the goal of Response Insurance is that they are very focused about auto insurance. The company looks to give their customers a good service facility, is committed to their customers, and is very professional. The Response Insurance Group is a great choice for your auto insurance if you are a safe and responsible driver. The companies that make up the Response Insurance Group provide insurance services for more than 44 states in America and they give their customers the best and lowest auto insurance rates possible. Response Insurance is a very motivated company. They award their customers that drive responsibly with lower interest rates and other motivational perks. Response Insurance does not employ either brokers or commissioned agents.

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Response Insurance is very committed in giving their customer the best possible value for their auto insurance. Their parent company, Direct Response Corporation, was financed by Morgan Stanley Capital Partners. The company's customers are confident of receiving both savings and security, which they have earned. Response Insurance has friendly appointed advisors that provide customers with free auto insurance quotes. The company's representatives are available 24 hours a day and because of this all the claims are handled quickly and efficiently. The company also has many auto repair centers and they guarantee repairs to all Response Insurance customers granted they own a car. They are one of the few insurance companies that can handle questions of their customers by phone, as well as over the Internet. Their website, which is, offers you several services so you can check your account settings whenever you like. Through the website you can find out many things, one of which is your payment history. You also can download many forms and other information that pertains to driver safety.

History of Response Insurance

A holding company of Response Insurance, names the Direct Corporation, was launched in September of 1995. They began operations by using the icon of a red telephone on wheels. This icon represented friendly accessibility to the company. In April of 1996 the company received their initial contribution in the amount of $315 million. The company's focus has not changed, which is to provide people with the low cost auto insurance. In October of 1997 the first auto insurance policy was issued. In November of 1997 the company launched their first TV ad campaign. In 1999 the Response Insurance National Driving Habits Survey was released. In January of 2000 real-time auto insurance quoting was launched and the Teachers Insurance Plan, which was an insurance company based in New York, became a part of the Response Group of companies. Also in 2000 Response Insurance sold their first policy over the Internet.

The next few years for Response Insurance were extremely eventful. In January of 2001 the company was given a good ranking in terms of being an insurance provider. Since the company was growing they opened another office in Melville, New York. In 2005 Response Insurance customers experienced a cut in their auto insurance rates and new auto insurance rate levels were introduced, which were available to their customers.

Response Insurance In The Workplace

Response Insurance has always been in the practice of hiring employees that have a solid performance record and are service oriented. The company also offers some of the best career opportunities, with great benefits, in the United States.

All Response Insurance employees take pride in the fact that they are a part of a successful insurance company. All the employees buy into the common goal of Response Insurance, which is, first and foremost, customer satisfaction.

Employees of Response Insurance have many opportunities in such areas as accounting and finance, claims, and customer service. A special corporate culture is formed by all the employees of Response Insurance. The employees of the company take part in various corporate events taking part in charitable programs. The money that is raised in these programs then is donated to the employee's charity of choice.