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Select Quote is a name that is becoming more and more recognizable all the time by helping thousands of policyholders save money on term life insurance policies. Select Quote has been showing the policyholders of other companies how to save money on their car insurance since 1985. Agents working for Select Quote are constantly working, helping prospective customers get the best coverage for the least money. Select Quote is an independent company, and only chooses the best insurance companies to insure their clients. The companies that Select Quote presents to their customers offer the best prices, the most stability, and claims-paying ability.


Accurate Prices - Select Quote agents work tirelessly to always provide the most up to date, accurate quotes in order to give customers the best rates possible

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Fast Comparisons - Select Quote uses ARC technology, so rates from different companies are compared quickly and efficiently, without having to wait days for an agent to do the figures manually.

Priceless Experience - In the insurance industry experience is important, and Select Quote has many licensed agents who are ready and able to assist a customer with any questions or concern that they have.

Service after the Sale - Select Quote provides customers with consistent service, even after the policy is sold. Agents are always prepared to help a policyholder make changes to their existing policy, and certainly help with future insurance needs, as well.

Impartial Choices - Select Quote provides all customers the best prices and selection available on various life insurance products. Select Quote's team of agents is constantly monitoring changes in insurance laws, products, and prices that are offered. Different insurance companies have different standards, and are very competitive. The long-standing relationship between our agents and the companies they represent means that our customers are provided with the best of both worlds; price and service.

Expert Guidance - Our agents have the skills and knowledge required to provide the best possible advice for our clients. A single agent may be with you from start to finish, and even help you in the future, as well. Our agents are our greatest strength, and are essential to providing great service!

Tailor-made Policies - Anyone who has ever been disappointed at being turned down for insurance in the past may be surprised at the range of policies that are available to them through Select Quote. High-risk activities have long been frowned upon in the insurance industry. Hobbies such as sports, scuba diving, and piloting an aircraft often result in a person being unable to obtain insurance. With Select Quote, agents are able to tailor a policy for your needs, often regardless of your hobbies. Scuba divers and pilots especially are often able to find insurance, and/or beat their current rates. Select Quote values its clients, and our agents often go far and wide to find exactly what you need, when you need it.

No matter what your insurance needs are, if you need personal insurance, Select Quote can help you. Visit our website, and send us your questions. We are happy to answer them for you, even if you are not a client, yet. Get in touch with us today, and let us start saving you money.