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Travelers insurance began in 1864 and has since grown to become one of the biggest issuers of personal insurance policies in America. Travelers insurance has a long tradition of giving our customers high quality insurance coverage, combined with the very best in quality service, as well as premiums that are highly competitive. They provide their clients with many personal insurance products, which are competitive and still manage to meet the needs of today's well-informed clients. Travelers' main products are auto insurance, homeowners' coverage, renters' policies, and condominium plans. Travelers can also provide quality coverage for many other risks, such as boating and yacht insurance, flood coverage, and protection against the new threat of identity theft.


Market Leadership And Financial Strength

Travelers provides many types of personal insurance plans that are marketed and supported through our extensive system of over 7,800 independent agents who cover the length and breadth of the county. Travelers insurance has approximately 6.6 million policies currently active, as well as $6.2 billion in net premium income. Travelers insurance is financially very strong, and operates a fast claim service that can be counted upon whenever or wherever problems occur.

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Travelers is a market leader, utilizing several advanced, digital wireless technologies, which assist in delivering our many promises with a highly efficient and focused claim service. Travelers has an extensive network of around 5,000 affiliated auto repair shops that enable them to quickly authorize auto repairs. They also employ a specialized catastrophe team that even have at their disposal no less than four Mobile Claim Headquarters to assist with the types of emergencies that have recently struck our great nation. These capabilities are the reason why so many people freely recommend travelers to their friends, family, and fellow workers.

Travelers Companies

Travelers Of Florida

Travelers of Florida, in business for over twelve years, has been operating exclusively in the Sunshine State; this enables Travelers to cater to the requirements of the local Florida residents. They can offer a wide range of products that include plans from independent local agents. These plans offer personal liability coverage, auto insurance, homeowners' insurance, and many other helpful services. Florida clients can benefit from 24-hour service and the parent company's strong financial rating.

Premier Insurance

Premier, a subsidiary of the Travelers Indemnity Company, was established 15 years ago with the sole intention of servicing the needs of the people of the state of Massachusetts. Premier insurance provides coverage for automobiles, homeowners, renters' insurance, and much more. Highly efficient round the clock service is in place for all clients to use.


St. Paul is the headquarters of Mendota Insurance Company, which prides itself on giving quality insurance services, which are not generally available to clients through regular insurance providers. It does this through its network of independent local agents who can provide the necessary professional service. As with other Travelers companies, clients can take advantage of their 24-hour claim service.

Travelers Of New Jersey

This New Jersey based Travelers' subsidiary is dedicated to serving the needs of the local people. It was established 16 years ago to offer products and services via its many local and independent insurance agents. These products include automobile insurance, as well as homeowners and personal property coverage. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, clients can call the claims hotline to have their problem quickly resolved.

More About Travelers Insurance

Travelers provides a unique variety of coverage options.

They provide clients with a multitude of services; details of some of these are listed below.

They provide 24-hour claim handling services, via a hotline.

Travelers is financially stable and viable.

They offer clients a wide range of comprehensive plans at a price that suits.

They have many different kinds of insurance plans that were created with clients' present and future needs in mind.

Travelers runs approximately 10,000 agency locations that are serviced by no less than 2,000 claim professionals, located in 39 regional offices spread around the nation.

All Travelers' staff are very committed to meeting the needs of clients who require the best services in a convenient form.

They provide clients with one stop shopping for all conceivable insurance needs.

History Of Travelers

Travelers insurance has been in business continuously for over 140 years, and wrote its first auto insurance policy when cars were a rarity back in 1897. Since then, Travelers insurance has been at the forefront of innovative insurance products. The following is a listing of significant points in the history of the Travelers.

1864 - Travelers began its first accident insurance policy.

1897 - Travelers issued one of the country's first automobile insurance policies.

1903 - The first Travelers insurance agents' school began accepting students

1912 – Travelers first combination auto policy was issued.

1966 - Travelers held its first transcontinental conference call.

1968 - The first claim hot line was established.

1980 - The first Travelers computer insurance system was installed.

1996 – Travelers began their automated fraud detection system.

2003 - Launched My that allows customers to pay their bills, check policy status, and look up information online.

2004 - Travelers joined up with St. Paul Travelers, creating a new company.