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Unicare is a subsidiary of WellPoint and a national organization that offers many types of health plans and products at competitive prices. Unicare is an organization that brings both health plans and products to consumers through customer cooperation, brokers, consultants, employees, and providers. Unicare is one of the biggest publicly traded health care companies in America. The trade name for the company is Health Networks Inc., a network that services the needs of over 13 million members, as well as around 42.5 million specialty members.


Unicare is aware that every person has specific health care needs, and offers its customers various types of health plans to meet their individual needs. Some of these plans include dental, pharmaceutical, and disability insurance. The company also offers its members benefits for their specific health needs. The mission of Unicare is to do everything they can to help their customers and associates take control of not only their health care, but their financial future, as well. The company's accounting staff and sales staff listen to the needs of their customers, come up with benefits that will serve them over the long term, and give them the most value for their money.

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Unicare gets consultants from various fields in order to make up their senior management team. These professionals come from such fields as financial services, commercial insurance, and specialty product sales, as well as from other companies in the Fortune 500. Prior to 1995, Unicare was a California brand name. However, after 1995, the Unicare name became the symbol for businesses of WellPoint in the rest of the United States. For instance, WellPoint bought the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company in 1996, the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company in 1997, and the Rush Prudential Health Plans of Illinois in 2000. These acquisitions and mergers, along with others around the country, allowed Unicare to offer more products, as well as services, to their members. These ranged from well known PPO and HMO products to consumer driven products.

The foundation of the business plan of Unicare deals with the Market Business Unit (MBU) or WellPoint. Every MBU serves a specific group of customers. It also has a full organization of both sales and service employees and functions. There are MBU's, such as MassMutual and John Hancock, which have more focus on multi-state customer needs, since these organizations' focus was in place before they became a part of Unicare and WellPoint. MBU's are smaller in other areas, and because of this, there is a larger focus on the customer as an individual. Both large and small MBU's are responsible for all office duties, including things such as marketing, new customer enrollment, and underwriting and servicing the policies the company sells in order to meet the customer's needs.

Considering that customers look for the best value for their buck, and employers want to give their employees the best benefits possible at a competitive price, Unicare combines the best available products at the lowest price possible. Unicare has access to an extensive network of health care providers, which means that the company can offer a wide array of both heath plans and products. The philosophy of Unicare is to work in cooperation with health care providers and members in order to come up with health care plans that everyone can afford. With different types of health care plans, both employees and people can pick basic plans and plans that are more comprehensive and will fit their needs.

Unicare applies a strategy to offer their services in a mixed bag of traditional products, while at the same time focusing on coming up with fresh, new plans to integrate the best aspects of the old and new. Unicare offers their customers incentives to encourage them to choose more comprehensive plans that are rock solid.

Unicare is a company that holds the belief that they should always be the torchbearer in the health care field, as this will allow them to give their customers affordable health care. This fact gives Unicare a way of controlling future costs, and at the same time able to provide their members more choices in whatever health care plans they choose. Unicare members that are looking for more health care are encouraged to choose plans that are managed in a more intense way, while Unicare members that do not have health care needs of the immediate nature are encouraged to choose health care plans that will give them more personal freedom. The different types of health care plans will control the type of care people have to choose from in exchange for extra costs.

Employees that make money independently can take advantage of Unicare managed health care services. These services include such things as underwriting, actuary services, and access to the company's network of health care providers, medical service management, and claims processing. These special, unique products and services by Unicare have been developed in order to meet the needs of many individuals, employees, and employers.