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When United American Insurance Company first launched in 1947, they did so with certain principles and values in mind. The company places a strong emphasis on service to customers, as well as quality and stability; all of which they consider their core values. Customers shopping for auto insurance tend to look for stability because they only want to pay a claim when they absolutely have to. Those same customers are only willing to invest in a company when they are completely assured that they will see a return on their investment. For over a century this company has been making customers feel happy and stable.


If you feel a little hesitant, you need only to look at their ratings to understand their strength. Based on their financial strength over the last 3 decades, the company has received A+ and AA ratings. United Assurance is devoted to assuring all of their customers that they provide excellent services and make it easier for customers to use their products.

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United American began the Automatic Claims Filing ® or ACF to give their company better access to their records. This system allows claims to be filed and delivered; using only electronic means and the process is completely automatic. This eliminates the hassles usually associated with the process and also reduces the amount of paperwork people need. This allows the company to pay claims immediately, without any weight.

In 2005 the company experienced some tremendous growth. They issued over 122,000 policies and completed a total of 7,678,401 insurance claim transactions. In addition they offered nearly 3 million Medicare supplement checks and recorded an astounding 1,357,400 customer calls serviced.

Turnaround Times:

Medicare Supplement claims are usually processed in around 2.8 calendar days, while Medicare supplement policies are issued in 9 calendar days. The company also takes pride in issuing all policies within an average of 12.1 calendar days.

Investing in the future really depends on quality. People who depend on quality are unwilling to compromise on integrity or price, and United American realizes this. They provide a number of different products in their portfolio that are not only designed to meet customer needs now, but the needs of those customers long into the future. They offer Health, Long Term care, Medicare supplements, and a number of different annuity products for their customers. A handful of these features are listed under different types of classifications.

Renewal of guarantee is one category. The policies that fall into this category are things that are non-renewable. This means that the policies cannot be renewed unless the premiums are paid within a specific time frame.
Flexible benefits are available for policyholders including the families of those customers. This is done to help supplement or add to the coverage they already have. As your life and needs change, these benefits will change too.

United American policyholders have a freedom of choice with their policies. There are no restrictions on medical coverage and customers can choose their own doctor.

When you move, you will find that your policy moves with you, meaning that they are incredibly portable.

United American Insurance Company History

When the company first began in 1947, they had just four employees and only provided coverage to those living in Texas. Today United American provides coverage in 49 states and employees over 500 workers in their home office. Customers have easy access to fantastic products and services, not to mention excellent customer service and support.

When Medicare was passed into law in 1966, the company decided to make some changes. Namely they shifted their focus to the individual health market. As the company began focusing on senior health plans and changing the market, they began being better known in the world of health insurance. There was a change in the way products were written and how stable the financial health care market worked. This led to new developments and changes. This led to United American marketing and promoting different supplementary products in the health care field.

United American FAQ's

What policies does the company offer?

We offer a number of different health care and individual products that can meet the needs and budget of every type of customer. Some of the Cancer coverage plans we offer include Critical Illness, Whole and Term Life, Medicare Supplements, Accident plans, long term care, and annuities. In addition we have group retired health insurance plans and a number of different cancer plans as well as health care critical plans.

Can I choose my own doctors or hospitals for treatment?

Absolutely; you are guaranteed a freedom of choice with your private insurance plan. If there is a doctor that you feel comfortable with, or you want to seek out a physician for a second opinion, you are allowed to make that choice. We do not use lists or restrictions on the doctors and hospitals that you choose with your plan.

Can I have the premiums automatically removed from my bank account?

We do offer an automatic payment plan for our customers. This is available for all the products and services we offer. Our customers view this as a more convenient and efficient way to make their payments.

Do my Medicare claims come directly from you?

Our UA Partners ® plan is perfect for subscribers who are on Medicare. We have discounted health and service programs as well as quality that are nationwide. You can limit your paperwork and prevent the hassles that you might experience otherwise.

Do you pay the providers directly?

UA Medicare Supplement policyholders can subscribe to our Automatic Claims Filing ® service. This allows users with Medicare assignments to set up direct payments to their providers.

Does the company help with prescription drug costs?

Yes, United American does provide some help to customers on prescription drug costs. Customers can save up to 45% off mail order prescriptions and save over 30% on retail prescription drug costs. Those who are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B can also save money on prescription drug costs, especially if they are eligible for prescription drug coverage as part of the Medicare Part D plan.

Who can I ask for assistance if my agent is unavailable?

Our customer service number is available for home assistance if you need help and your agent is not available. You can contact them directly at (972) 529-5085.