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The strong network of American Family Insurance is comprised of over 4,300 contracted agents and over 8,100 employees working directly for the company. All of our agents and employees are carefully trained to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. Our company is dedicated to providing our customers with excellent service, a great response time, and products to fit their needs. To ensure the peace of mind of each individual customer, we make fast and fair claims, which is something that we are known for. Customers will find that they receive all the support they need and we in turn expect our customers to support us by telling us what they need from their insurance policy. We also protect the interest of our customers by keeping our profits high, which puts us in a strong financial position. We try our hardest to bring all of our products directly to our policyholders in a timely manner so that their needs are met as fast as possible. Our policyholder equity is $4.8 billion, while our company also has over $14 billion in assets.


By looking at our numbers, you can be assured that we have a strong financial position and that our strength and stability will keep us working for years to come. American Family Insurance began on October 3, 1927 when three people started working together. Today we offer insurance products and services in over 18 states. Our products range from home and property insurance to life insurance, businesses insurance and we also offer a number of loans and annuities. To keep up with the changing demands of the insurance field, agents are on hand to review your coverage for free and determine any changes that you might need. All of our hard work has made us the third largest provider of mutual property and health insurance in the country.

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Why Choose American Family Insurance

You may choose American Family Insurance because we believe in keeping all of our promises, not just making them. We also show our commitment and growth through the financial results we have shown. In 2005 we showed assets of $14.6 billion, which puts us in a good financial situation.

We believe in performance, not just making promises that we won't follow through on as other companies do. Our financial status shows that we have a financial strength and stability that you might not find with other insurance companies. At the end of 2005 American Family Insurance had a total of $14.6 billion in assets, $4.8 billion in equity, and $6.8 billion in revenue, which shows our financial security. Today we utilize 4,300 independent agents and 8,100 employees to handle the 9 million policies and forces we have in the world. Our agents work in 17 states to provide the best protection for all of our customers. Our customers need to feel secure and protected and to do that we have helped them to make short-term and long-term decisions. For over 75 years now American Family Insurance has provided our customers with the protection and care they need so they can have peace of mind.

American Family Auto Insurance

All customers have the option of choosing the right type of coverage for their needs, to cover their car or truck, and to protect against accidents, vandalism, and natural disasters such as tornadoes. Different catastrophes are protected against as are the driver of the vehicle and the passengers. By fulfilling certain requirements, consumers can also seek discounts on their policies. Those requirements are that the insurance must be on multiple vehicles, not just one and the primary driver must be between 50 and 69 years of age. In addition they should have a good driving history and buy insurance policies on both their vehicle and their home or property.

American Family Insurance Timeline

Farmers Mutual Automobile Insurance Company was founded in the year 1927. By 1938 the company has premiums and assets of over $1 million. As American Family Life Insurance the company began offering homeowners insurance in 1958. Just a few years later, in 1961 and 1962, the company formed American Standard to offer insurance to farm owners. New subsidiaries of the company opened in the following years as the company increased profits and began growing. A few years later the American Family Jingle was copyrighted and in 1975 the company began offering different commercial lines of insurance. Not long after this advancement, the company was named one of the top five largest providers of mutual auto insurance. The company introduced a new motto in 1986, devoted to the strength, growth, and friendliness of the company. They later celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2002.

American Family Insurance Commitment

Sound corporate principles are the foundation of American Family and they remain dedicated to those principles. Those principles have enabled us to focus on our commitment to integrity, honesty, and sticking to the highest standards of ethical business practices. We place a value on talent and perception in our employees. Our experience has allowed us to estimate the needs of our customers and to meet those needs. Our 75 years of experience has given us a tradition that we believe in, which is a sense of community. This sense of community is more than just the financial side of things. Our employees are our family, and all of those employees and independent agents give us their precious and important time. Even on the weekends our employees are on hand, to help with community projects and to take part in charity events. Our belief in honesty, integrity, and community building allows us to provide the best customer satisfaction. That commitment to those beliefs has helped us provide the best customer service possible.