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American General is one of the biggest financial organizations in the country, as well as a market leader for retirement services, life insurance investments and loan services for consumers. American General has a $123 billion worth and a $20 billion market capitalization. This company's purpose is to help their customers strive to meet their financial goals. Shareholders of the company are able to provide their customers purpose as well as value, they also work hard to achieve excellent monetary rewards for American General. We have 1812 financial advisors as well as 36,000 financial institutions. These financial institutions employ over 20,000 agents who can help you no matter what you need.


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You will find the biggest and best financial services available when you use America General. If you are looking into retirement services, you will rest assured that these companies offer a safe and secure retirement plan. Their plans focus on the best design and support for numerous medical plans that are available for about 2 million customers. We are also known to be the leading provider for many different kinds of annuities.

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Another program that American General offers is life insurance policies that not only bring peace of mind to our customers, but also added security. You will be able to choose from many different products and extras of life insurance, which will provide the solutions and security when you will need it most.

With American General, you will have access to over 28,000 independent agents, 5,000 career agents, as well as 10,000 registered company representatives. You will also have access to a very wide array of specific products of the market.

If you need to borrow money for home mortgages, home equity loans, consumer loans or even retail sales financing, you have come to the right place with American General. We strive to meet the growing financial needs and wants of our customers.

Investments and portfolios for our clients are yet another area that we at American General excel at. With 50 years of experience in money managing, you will be certain to make the right decision when it comes to investing when using our financial advisors. Under our management, we have over $118 billion in assets.

History of American General

In 1926 the company began its history, and after all this time has formed into one of the best providers for loans, life insurance policies and retirement services. Major growth happened in the 1920s and doubled in the 1930s. In the year 1926 the original three investors knew that the dream could happen. Each investor added an investment of $75,000, and when the proper finance became available for them they began this company. A charter was filed for the new company on May 7, 1926, and within a quick three years America General began. They began to look into as many business opportunities that they could, so that they could launch the first wholly owned subsidiary.

All through the 1950s, American General continued working on their acquisitions, as well as through the 1960s. The company joined the New York Life Insurance market in the year 1960. This was about the time that Patriot Life Insurance Company was also acquired. Then, American General made a purchase a year later of controlling interest within the company Variable Annuity Life Insurance. Then came the buying of Life and Casualty Insurance Company of Nashville, Tennessee. A milestone was reached this year and American General reached $1 billion in all of their assets. Trading within the New York Stock Exchange then began, which made some of the best investments of the company. Woodson then became chairman and CEO of the company on the year 1972, and they changed the business from being a property liability insurance company to a general business corporation. It was then renamed the American General Corporation.

An increase in acquisitions of the company happened between a two year period, from February 1982 to January 1984. Then came years of streamlining, consolidations, and divestitures. The company's group and health and life insurance were sold in the year 1989.

Growth within the company kept on taking place, as well as the gaining of many competitive strengths and positions of leadership. Retirement services became available, as did leadership services and consumer finance service.

American General has repeatedly focused on internal growth as well as growth by mergers and acquisitions of other company's. With financial strength backing their company, they will continue to be a strong company that will continue to expand and grow throughout the 21st century.

The annual return to shareholders of American General holds a record within the company in the last 20 years, as they have received 20%. The dividend return of this company reflects their hard work and commitment to their cause. In 1929 they provided the first dividend, and these were paid quarterly from then on out for over 70 years. A compound annual growth happened that was over 12%.

The purpose of the company was finally given in 1999 to their employees. One, this company's goal is to meet the financial needs of its customers not only in the present, but for the future as well. American General strives to re-evaluate themselves periodically so that they continue to grow into the best company they can.

Their goal continues to be a world leader amongst the various financial services that different markets offer. American general is now the biggest public held life insurance company that always attempts to get the best financial rewards so that they can then pass these onto their shareholders.

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The Houston Base has been in this company with an employment rate of more than 4000, which includes customer service centers for their customers needs. These are spread throughout the United States in order to easier serve the needs of producers and customers all over.

American General's success can be linked to the loyalty it shows the families and people of America. Quality service and products are always high on the priority list, making for happy clients.