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CNA Insurance first formed over a century ago to sell insurance to customers. Through the years the company has changed quite a bit and formed new ideas, but they have always placed an emphasis on its tradition that has lasted for years. Their long history has a lot of richness in terms of financial health and growth in their services. Even though CNA Insurance has been around for years, we have always maintained a strong relationship with our customers and with our business partners. Today CNA Insurance provide protection to over a million different businesses houses and professionals, making us the 7th largest insurance company working in the United States. We maintain offices all across the country, and keep our headquarters in the United States with an office in Chicago. The employees working for our company are experts in their given field and capable of providing a diverse range of products and services to our customers, to help them reduce their losses and settle claims as quickly as possible. The value CNA Insurance places on products and services are the main measure of our success, and something CNA Insurance provide to all of our customers.


We place an emphasis on our core values such as diversity, a focus on our customers, and teamwork that helps us make the right decisions for our customers. Our staff is equally devoted to those core values, which makes it easier for our employees to form relationships with customers. They also work with our distributors to help us have a diverse base of customers. A number of different rating agencies have noted our excellent financial status, and ranked our organization quite well. By the end of 2005 CNA Insurance accumulated $10 billion in annual revenue and had over $58 billion in assets. With the help of a philosophy towards maintaining a balance and investing wisely, CNA Insurance has managed to create a strong history and background of assets and liabilities.

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CNA Insurance has become one of the best known and most trusted companies in the insurance industry, and one that companies turn to. By offering a number of different products and services, the company has become one of the most trusted companies around.

CNA Insurance Solutions

Our history dates back over 100 years and that has given us quite a bit of experience in the world of insurance. We have taken that experience and applied it to our company, giving us the ability to understand the needs of our customers and meet those needs. We believe in forming relationships with our agents because they are experts and professionals in the world of risk control and claims and have a unique understanding of those factors and any risks that might be involved. Our agents are located all across the country, which means that everyone that relies on CNA Insurance finds the coverage they need from one of the financial leaders in the world of insurance. You also have complete control of your assets and the ability to manage your business risks, and it is quite easy to do this.

CNA Insurance Long-Term Care Insurance

For over 30 years CNA Insurance has provided coverage to our customers, making us one of the leaders in the long-term care insurance field. We provide a variety of different products for long term care products for employees because it gives those customers long term protection at the reduced rates found for groups. Customer needs are the main focus of our plans, and CNA Insurance bases our plans and designs on the needs of those customers. To better understand the needs of our customer base, CNA Insurance have conducted a massive study. We hope that this will also help customers to better understand their investment claims and decision relating to their claims. This also helps us keep rates lower and more affordable for our customers.

More about CNA Insurance

Though we have been around for years now, we have recently entered a new field for property and casualty insurance. We have seen our fair share of setbacks, but have also expressed a long history of leadership. Our pricing policy caused us to suffer severely in 1990, but we branched out into other core areas. A leadership change came about in 2002, which helped us find our way back. We have become better in a number of areas including the following features.

Strategic Focus

Reinsurance, health, and life business has always been our main focus. We have also branched out into the areas of commercial property and casualty insurance.

Underwriting Discipline

We are working to increase our control on pricing and risk selection. Our collection of underwriters is devoted to helping customers make the right decisions.

Balance Sheet Strengthening

A variety of revenue reserves allow us to act on a comprehensive assessment. This also allows us to change our process of revenue reserves.

New Leadership and Technical Talent

Our staff is stocked with leaders and technical talent. Our organization is run by a series of experienced and skilled professionals in their field.

Management Information

In order to better track our performance, we have used multiple systems. Each system is available at the agency level and is centralized.

Expense Management

We have seen savings of over $250 million, simply by using reduction plans that are aggressive and involve multiple steps.

Strong Ratings

A.M. Best has rated our company as an A based on our financial history. We have a capital plan as well as reserves to help us in the future.

Solid Financial Condition

Our low debt equity ratio helps our strong financial position. We also utilize a conservative investment portfolio.

CNA Insurance Going Forward

Our company is tops in terms of strength and our financial position. To meet the needs of our customers as well as their demands, we have continued to diversify our company all across the country. We place an emphasis on discipline, professionalism, and leadership to give our customers what they need. In the century that we have been in place, we have remained committed to our main focus. Our customers always come first, and our distributors make excellent business partners. We will continue to move forward in the future and continue our past record of success.